Benefits Of Custom Cone Sleeves Wholesale

Like all products ice creams too need protection. As ice creams are presented in waffle cones that are delicate and need protection, hence custom cone sleeves are used for ice creams.

Packaging is important for the protection and presentation of a product. Waffle cones also need protection that can keep their texture fresh and shield them from external pressure. If you are running an ice cream parlor or a company, cone sleeves are essential for you.

Those companies that do not use sleeves for their ice cream cones render a poor-quality product to their customers and impart a negative impression of their brand. If you want to avoid such a situation, you must invest in packaging for ice creams.

Why Do You Need Custom Cone Sleeves?

Like all other packagings, the purpose of sleeves for waffle cones is to protect them. The waffles are made of cereal grains like wheat, barley, etc. therefore the waffles have the tendency to absorb moisture.

Ice cream cone sleeves are used to protect the waffles from moisture. The crispiness of these waffles is protected in this way and the customer gets a fresh and crunchy waffle cone. This builds your brand’s credibility and aids you in increasing sales.

In addition to this, the customization of sleeves for ice cream waffles helps the brand to promote its brand name. This is done with the use of a logo on the waffle cone sleeves. Using logo creates a unique packaging that builds your worth in the market.

How Cone Sleeves Help

When you carefully design your packaging for ice cream waffles and give attention to every detail of your packaging sleeves you can get maximum benefits from it. You can show your product quality, attract customers, and promote your brand.

In the following way, ice cream cone packaging can help you.

By Showing Quality

With the use of sleeves for your ice creams, you can show your customers the quality of your product. Firstly you can maintain the quality of your product and secondly, you can show your customers the standards of your company.

Customers always prefer quality packaging as the packaging is the first thing that the customer observes about a product. If your ice cream cone sleeves are made of quality material, it will portray a positive image of your product.

By Attracting Customers

You can attract your customers by using catchy images and unique add-ons on your product. Customers always prefer exceptional and unconventional packaging. With customization, you can ensure peerless packaging.

If your packaging succeeds in getting the attention of the customers, you can ensure the sales of your ice creams. Attractive packaging gives a professional look to the product and builds the reliability of that brand.

By Promoting Brand

There are mainly two incentives if companies from packaging. Number one is to protect their product and number two is to promote a brand. With the customization of waffle cone sleeves, both incentives can be availed.

For promotion purposes, you can add your brand’s logo and a signature theme of your company to make your packaging a trademark of your brand.

What Is The Best Material For Ice cream sleeves?

Amid the availability of multiple types of packaging, it becomes arduous to select an ideal raw material for waffle sleeves. The two best materials used in the manufacturing of these sleeves are kraft and cardstock.


Kraft is a brownish paper that is mostly used in the unbleached form. It is thin but has significant durability that prevents the breakage of waffles and keeps the waffles fresh. You can mold this paper to get a befitting size and shape for your ice cream cone packaging.


The second material that gives a distinctly designed and durable sleeve for waffles is cardstock. Cardstock is available in variable thicknesses. It is also easy to print and convenient to mold. Therefore, many companies use this material for ice cream sleeves.

What Information You Can Print On Your Cone Sleeves

When you use custom packaging for your products you have the chance to add information about your product. It is necessary to keep the information on your cone packaging brief. When you succinctly mention the information your packaging shows professionalism.

There are different types of pieces of information that can be added to the sleeves. You can add your company’s contact information like helpline, email, etc. You can add descriptions about your product’s ingredients and facilitate customers to identify potential allergens.

Final Words

For an enticing and attractive presentation of your product, custom cone sleeves are the best options. These sleeves provide protection in an effective way and give a professional look to the ice cream.

You can choose an ideal material like kraft or corrugated to manufacture sleeves for waffles. Moreover, you can attract customers by using catchy designs.

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