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    All You Need To Know About Rigid Boxes

    Rigid boxes are used to influence the customers and show them your company’s high value. These boxes are also called set up boxes. These boxes are excellent in product protection and give a luxury look to your products.

    Nowadays, companies promote their products with the help of social media influencers. Companies provide them products in set up boxes to give people a luxury appearance of their product. Rigid packaging is the ideal combination of branding, durability, and magnificence.

    Hard paper board material is used to produce these boxes that completely protect the object. A rigid box is an ideal choice to give your products a new appearance. To give your customers a better unboxing experience, invest in rigid packaging.

    What Are Rigid Boxes?

    A rigid box is a hard and firm box that is used to pack sensitive and luxury items. These boxes are fold resistant and do not collapse easily. When a product requires extra protection, rigid packaging boxes are used.

    This packaging is ideal when heavy objects are packed. These boxes are made of paper that is stronger than regular paper. In addition, set boxes are widely used for luxury and high value objects.

    A rigid box is often wrapped with printing paper or leather to give it a splendid look. These boxes are a perfect combination of luxury and safety.

    A Popular Packaging 

    Set up boxes are among the most popular packaging for luxury packaging. The upper layer of paper allows high quality and advanced printing on these boxes. These boxes are durable and the best combination of beauty and protection.

    Some of the features of rigid boxes are mentioned below: 


    Rigid Boxes wholesale are made of paper board that is four to five thicker than a standard paper board. Its thickness facilitates complete protection of products. Delicate products like jewelry and glass wares are protected in set up packaging.

    Easy Customization

    Rigid packaging can be customized according to a product’s size, shape, and design requirements. The additional wrapping of paper allows easy printing on these boxes. In addition to this, you can use gold or silver foil to give your packages a luxury look.


    As mentioned before, a thick paper board is used to manufacture these boxes. Therefore, rigid packaging boxes are biodegradable. This is one of the best aspects of this packaging because luxury packaging made of hard material typically lacks this aspect.

    Wrapping On Rigid Packaging

    Many companies use paper wraps on their rigid packaging to make it elegant and decent. Numerous types of paper wraps give these boxes a unique look. Some standard wraps are listed below:

    1. Gloss: This wrapping gives a simple but shiny look to rigid boxes. It is available in different colors, so this wrap makes customization easy.
    2. Matt Wrap: This wrap is used to give a soft and natural look to the boxes. With printing such as stamping and spot U.V., a minimalist but elegant look is ensured.
    3. Foiling: This type of wrap is used in luxury packaging. Gold and silver are two standard colors used in foiling.

    Types Of Rigid Boxes

    Many types of rigid boxes are available in the market. For different materials, different types of set up packaging are used. It depends upon the level of protection a product requires. You can even have a variety of the boxes like Custom flip top boxes wholesale and rest of the boxes. Let’s explore all of the types of rigid packaging boxes.

    Boxes For Luxury Goods

    If you are dealing with luxury goods, then you must know how much packaging impacts sales. Rigid packaging is frequently used to protect and present luxury goods. Undeniably, the rigid box gives the product a charming and unique look.

    For instance, watches, jewelry, and other delicate but expensive items are packed in set boxes for luxury goods.

    Boxes For Electronics

    Electronic gadgets need protection. Any minor damage can make these gadgets lose their functionality. Therefore, rigid packaging for luxury boxes is used. Mobiles, sports watches, and portable healthcare instruments are packed in them.

    Cosmetic Boxes

    Cosmetic products are packed in these boxes to give them an aesthetic look. Rigid cosmetic boxes provide complete protection and secure the cosmetics during transit or storage.

    Chocolate Boxes

    Rigid chocolate boxes are commonly used. Chocolates are presented as gifts, and custom printed rigid boxes are used to give them beautiful packaging. Customization allows making a perfect packaging that can fully cover the product.


    Rigid boxes are one of the most sturdy packaging styles used in the market. From eatables to electronic gadgets, all are packed in these boxes. These boxes are eco-friendly and do not contribute to increasing negative ecological impacts.