Custom Cone Sleeve

How Are Custom Cone Sleeves Useful For Your Business?

Do you own a business that sells ice cream or ice cream treats? Well then, these ice cream cone sleeves might be extremely useful for your business.

Custom ice cream cone sleeves are not only useful for ice cream businesses, but also they can boost the overall look and feel of your ice cream treat stand. Not to mention, this type of product is also pretty easy and relatively fast to produce if you do not have any custom ice cream cone sleeve ideas at hand: all you need is a professional printer and decent paper stock.

Since many people associate summer with ice creams, these sleeves will provide numerous benefits to your company in terms of branding and advertising without requiring too much capital outlay from you .

These ice cream cone sleeves can offer a nice ice cream eating experience to your customers while protecting them from ice cream drips.

custom ice cream cone sleeves

What Ice Cream Cone Sleeves Are Made Of:

Ice cream cone sleeves usually come in two materials .  The first type of ice cream sleeve is usually custom made with a Kraft material, whereas the second option is normally made from paper or cardboard.

By using ice cream cone sleeves , you will be able to increase product value and make sure that ice creams taste even better . This means that you won’t have to worry about any complaints since this kind of ice cream cone sleeve protects hands from heat and moisture of ice creams. Your company will definitely gain more new customers if you provide them with these custom cones, which can be easily branded and highly customizable for each ice cream business.

Businesses that sell ice creams usually have this ice cream cone sleeves as an essential part of their ice cream and ice cream treat service . These ice cream sleeves can be printed with your company’s logo and name, making it easy to attract new customers.

These custom ice cream cone sleeves are made using a hard plastic material so they will protect the hands from heat and moisture while eating ice creams.

custom ice cream cone sleeves (1)

Ice Cream Cone Sleeves – Useful Tips & Tricks:

Since these custom ice cream sleeve printing materials might leave slight stains on clothes, we recommend that you remind your customers to use napkins along with the ice candy holders for added protection against any possible damage.

These ice cream holders are a great way to remind your customers that ice creams can be a messy business, and they may be in need of ice cream napkins so their clothes do not get dirty.

In addition, ice candy sleeve printing is also suitable for any kind of ice cream product, including ice popsicles if you want to use them during spring or summertime.

Another thing that you should consider when using custom ice ice cream cone sleeves is the fact that these products can keep hands from being burned by ice creams served in between.

Some people prefer to eat ice creams with spoons rather than just licking them with their tongues –  this means that these custom cones will be for every kind of customer who is in need of ice cream, not only ice cream businesses.


These ice candy holders are used by ice cream business owners to create an ice-cream business identity and attract their customers, all the while protecting hands from heat and moisture associated with ice creams.  Branding these ice cream cone sleeves is an easy way to provide your customer with a good looking ice cream cone that also keeps their hands clean .

If you want to find out more about custom printed ice cream cone sleeves , then feel free to check out our website for more details on how we can help you make your ice candy business or retail store more successful through boosting sales and attracting new customers.