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Packaging Desires provides you with the perfect custom printed boxes with logo to meet your product needs and brand goals. Our printed boxes with logo are of the highest quality and manufactured using the latest techniques. Get specially designed custom boxes with logo to boost your brand identity in an affordable way.

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We bring Custom Boxes to Life!

Now with Packaging Desires, you can offer your consumers high-quality custom packaging boxes. Every industry’s needs are met by our value-added attractively designed boxes, which bring life to your product. We have the technology and resources to create custom made boxes in any shape or size that you require.

Own Your custom packaging boxes,

At Packaging Desires, we offer the best-crafted solution to your packaging needs. We manufactured fascinating custom sizes boxes with mesmerising printing as per your demand.

We Built Custom Boxes To Perfection 

We design artwork of custom boxes uk with excellence using our well-equipped graphics professionals and superior packaging equipment. Our spotless, flawless, and unrivaled customised packaging support businesses in their attempts to promote their products.

Perfectly Crafted custom packaging boxes with logo,

Packaging Desires UK is a renowned custom product packaging manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. Our company is a stop where you can have your all desired custom with the company’s name and logo. 

Customers may get high-quality custom boxes with logo for their products thanks to our expert graphic design team and offset printing services. We offer Custom Cardboard Boxes UK, other Custom Boxes, and endless other packaging categories built with the best appealing features to become top customised boxes provider in the UK.

Expertise in Manufacturing of Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo

Concerned about the packaging of your product? Don’t worry we are here to assist you. Choose the box design, shape, and size you want from our large selection of items, and you’ll have your Custom Boxes with Logo in no time. 

Please let us know if you have a problem choosing which box is best suitable for your product so that our team can help you with that. f We will create boxes with your company’s logo that meet your requirements. With a range of add-ons and features, you can quickly design your own unique boxes that stand out and are intriguing.

Materials that are high-end, well-processed, and long-lasting

Packaging for any product is only as good as the materials used to make it. That’s why we use only the highest quality, responsibly sourced materials that are processed on state-of-the-art equipment to create some of the most durable and long-lasting custom cardboard boxes for any fragile product.

Top-Notch Custom Printed Boxes UK

UK’s Best Custom Printed Boxes Businesses are continually looking for innovative ways to enhance their marketing initiatives due to the market’s intense competition. Making personalised packaging boxes is the most admirable approach. Innovation must be ensured by the addition of fresh touches, original procedures, and custom shapes to the production.

Many different sorts of custom size boxes uk are available to be designed in any way that appears to be a practical approach to present your merchandise. To match their needs, customers can pick from a number of box types. 

To satisfy your needs, you can choose any of the boxes that are listed below. 

  • Bottom Display Lid 
  • Auto Bottom Tray 
  • Rigid 
  • Sleeve 
  • Dispenser 
  • Gables 
  • Tuck in

These are the boxes commonly used in the market and best for any kind of printing.

Innovation in custom printed boxes UK is the Key to Success.

Bakery items, perfumes, retail products, edible and many other products that can all be stored in custom printed boxes. Our experts insist on using biodegradable and reusable materials that are safe for the environment. By selecting these materials for custom size cardboard boxes will help us in achieving our goal.

We ensure that the final product, which has been generated through a lengthy process, is held to high standards. Such products can be effectively packaged, stored, and dispatched in ways that make the one-of-a-kind custom packaging.

Our Vision is Much Broader!

We at Packaging Desires UK believe in providing value to our customers by supplying high-quality boxes at a low cost. We manufacture boxes — one for every one of you. We solely care about the best possible outcome for your product’s branding and promotion. We want to help you realise your vision. 

We help businesses sell their products with high-quality packaging that is tailored to their specific requirements. We assure our customers receive the best product possible thanks to our top-notch digital graphics design team and CMYK/ PMS printing technology. 

As you already know, we use green material for custom box packaging. Besides, we guarantee that our boxes are constructed from recyclable materials because we know we are big believers in sustainable green packaging.

Get Your Custom Packaging UK

Getting UK custom packaging has never been easier thanks to Packaging Desires innovative printing capabilities. Hundreds of businesses around the United Kingdom have benefited from our excellent customised packaging at highly reasonable costs. 

So, whether you’re looking to sell your goods with brand new personalised packaging or you’re going to provide every kind of box in bulk, you can easily select from our inventory.

Custom Shipping Boxes At Your Doorstep

We are here to provide custom retail boxes no minimum UK than 100 boxes for all types of consumer products that are produced widely in the industry, or supermarkets, thanks to our lightning fast shipping method. We send the boxes to your door, made to perfection. So, what do you have to lose?

Send us an email, or you can make us a call to order your Custom Boxes at a wholesale price and expand your customer base. Our customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions and to cater your problems. Furthermore, we offer free shipping within the United Kingdom.

Q: Is it necessary for me to share my ideas and design?

Yes. Customers must share their artwork for their brand products or corporation. We will gladly assist you with your design.

Q: Can you provide quotes on custom boxes?

Without a doubt, you must enter the number, dimensions, and other criteria, and you will receive a free quote for your boxes right away.

Q: How much does it cost to ship customised boxes?

We provide free delivery services all over the United Kingdom. We delivered your order at your doorstep as we promised.

Q: Do you provide a Free sample, and how much has that cost?

We provide free samples with a minimum order of custom boxes. If you want generic samples, they will cost you . If the design is unique, we must construct each box from scratch. Each unique box will have a different setup fee. As a result, the sample charges for each design are distinct, which will cost you much higher.

Q: Do you ship to countries other than the United Kingdom?

Yes! Our distribution network has expanded to include nations like the United States and Australia. As a result, we ship to other nations as well. Indeed, we receive orders from all around the world.

Q: Are there any other charges for retail boxes? What about the costs of dies and plates?

No! We are concerned about our clients. As a result, there are no hidden fees for dies and plates, unlike other firms.

Q: Do you have a minimum order requirement for your boxes?

We do, but it’s not much. Each order requires a minimum of 100 items. However, if you require any adjustments, notify us in advance.

Q: Why is The Packaging Desires preferred choice for packaging?

We are the ideal combination of professionalism and creative brains that can quickly raise your product packaging and give you the best packaging solutions. We constantly create high-quality bespoke boxes with worldwide standards of quality and aesthetic.

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Our Packaging Process in 4 Easy Steps

We work to give your packaging imaginations a realistic touch. We know the art of designing a box of any shape, size, or style. Our focus is to give your customers an incredible unboxing experience.

Get A Quote

Fill out the requirement form and get a price quotation for what you want to have in your product packaging.

Style & material

Choose the packaging style and materials you consider best suitable for your product. We offer mailer boxes, shipping boxes, and many others.

Submit artwork

You can bring your artwork or get in touch with our designer to get the customized packaging design to fulfill your product requirements.


Finalize your packaging sample and get the production started with your selected packaging materials to satisfy your product needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about boxes.  can’t find the answer ? Please chat to our friendly team

A high-quality product necessitates high-quality packaging. Packaging Desires is the place to go if you want high-quality custom boxes that speak for themselves. We fulfill the packaging market’s quality level by employing the best materials and most up-to-date packaging tools. Quality is guaranteed at every stage and in every package, from custom retail packaging to wholesale custom packaging.

Nothing but the finest is available when it comes to packaging wishes. With a variety of packing options and possibilities, you will discover the information you need quickly at our location. Whatever you need, whether it’s custom printed boxes, low-cost custom boxes, or bespoke retail packaging, we’ve got you covered. With adaptable and flexible packaging options, we can go the additional mile to suit your demands.

Our packaging solutions aren’t only for big-name merchants. By offering small companies with customized packaging, we benefit everyone. The major goal is to encourage companies to use personalized packaging to communicate their brand image at a reasonable and competitive price. To match your brand’s demands, we’ll personalize your packaging in a cost-effective manner. For startups and small businesses, we also provide custom wholesale boxes.

Customized packaging is just what a brand needs to reach its target audience and tell its narrative. We think that the final result should be distinct and superior to your expectations. You’ll witness how we transform your idea into a completely personalized custom printed box with our limitless modification choices. We try to provide precisely what you envisioned using a choice of colors, sizes, forms, printing options, embossing, and coating.

We always use materials that are safe for the environment. To satisfy our business ethical duty in society, we utilize the best biodegradable cardboard material available.

Our entire package delivery procedure is straightforward, hassle-free, and always on time. We have a group of hardworking employees that work effectively to fulfill deadlines without sacrificing quality. WOW customers benefit from the fastest turnaround time by receiving their orders on time. We also aim to deliver orders ahead of schedule so that we may obtain early feedback and make any necessary modifications to meet your demands.

Packaging Desires is dedicated to providing great and timely customer service. To assist our customers, we provide online chat and phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions about custom boxes or custom packing, our customer service staff is always here to assist you. For your packaging needs and solutions, you may speak with one of our specialized custom packaging specialists.

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