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Why Trendy Candle Boxes-A Simple Guide

Whether you deal in the exquisite homemade candles, the scented candles, birthday candles, LED candles, or any other type of candles, you must have noticed how the competition for survival has increased lately. Candles and candle boxes are always high in demand. However, at the same time, candle making asks for a high degree of creativity. As the market becomes tougher, the manufacturers keep coming up with ways to keep themselves afloat in a sea of brands. When it is about survival, the most effective tool today is the packaging. The packaging, by far, is one of the most relied upon branding tools no matter what you are dealing in. It is an era of custom printed boxes. These are a means of providing a complete and wholesome retail experience to the customers.

Besides, for commodities as fragile as candles, you simply cannot do without a sturdy packaging. The basic need for protection against damage calls for a protective box. Other than the basic function of protection, a custom candle box with your company’s logo is what helps your audience recognize you. You need a customized packaging to create an identity of your own and to be noticed among others.

However, designing the perfect custom packaging which fulfils all your branding needs is a daunting task. Here are a few things to consider when you order your packaging from a wholesale candle boxes manufacturing company.

Choose Your Stock Carefully

Candles are amongst the most fragile of commodities and can get damaged easily if they are not packaged well. Hence, they need an extra bit of protection. Besides, with an increase in the online business, the goods usually have to travel a distance before they reach the person who ordered them. This increases the risk of damage manifold.

Hence, it is important that you choose your stock carefully while ordering the wholesale candle boxes from a packaging company. Go for the sturdier options. Besides, make sure that your packaging company further reinforces the candle boxes at weight bearing or delicate points.

Your box should be strong enough to successfully meet the challenges of rough handling and changes in temperature. They should be capable of protecting the candles against pollutants, moisture, and breakage. This is because delivering a damaged product to the customer is the last thing any company would want.

Go For the Highest Quality Printing

When it comes to casting an aesthetic impression through retail packaging, nothing is of more importance than quality printing. Make sure that your packaging company pays importance to every intricate detail in printing.

Instead of bombarding the box with graphics and text, try to create a visual balance with the help of some blank space. This helps create an aesthetic appeal. In addition to the text placement, you need to pay attention to the quality of the print as well. This can make or mar the overall image of your brand. Never compromise on the printing quality because it is going to cast an everlasting impression on your audience’s mind. Make sure your packaging partner is using the most advanced printing machinery and the highest quality inks for the greatest precision of colours.

If your custom candle boxes involve detailed graphics. It would be advisable to go for offset printing. However, for simpler graphics, digital printing should do. Moreover, some advanced printing options are offered by almost every box manufacturing company. These can help your boxes stand out from the rest. The additional options help give your boxes the much needed uniqueness. These are useful in giving any brand an identity of its own and be recognized readily. Some of the popular advanced printing options include embossing and debossing for a 3D effect for your logo, spot UV, gold foiling and silver foiling to help you shine out the competitors.

Finish Your Boxes Well

Besides the quality of manufacturing material and the quality of print, another thing that matters a lot is how you finish your candle boxes. Without a luxurious finish, you can not stand a chance to beat your competitors. If you are to give your brand a premium image, you need to finish your boxes well.

A final coating or finishing helps uplift the entire outlook of even an ordinary looking packaging box. It helps give your brand an air of luxury without being too heavy on your budget. Moreover, a coating in the end also protects the box against early wear. It protects the printed graphics and text as well. Some of the common finishing options offered by the box manufacturers include aqueous coating, gloss finish, semi gloss finish, matte finish, spot UV, rose gold, and others. You can choose the one according to your taste and the character of your company.