Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly Material For Custom Cereal Boxes

Do you know that the food packaging, such as cereal cartons, we use is extremely dangerous to our environment? It contaminates all types of eco-system and decreases their natural beauty. If you are running a cereal company then you must get custom cereal boxes made from eco-friendly material. 

The world is facing the repercussions of uncontrolled industrial processes. Now it has become a dream to breathe in the natural and fresh air. You can not fully eliminate pollution from the environment but you can play a small role in the green initiative.

By using sustainable material for your cereal boxes you can reduce pollution in the surroundings. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons that will persuade you to replace your unsustainable packaging materials with eco-friendly options. 

Negative Impacts Of Environmentally Unfriendly Packaging 

No area of the earth is protected from the negative implication of man-made pollutants. Packaging is among the top man-made pollutants that are deteriorating the natural habitat of many species and are causing the death of hundreds of living beings including humans. 

Solid Waste Generation 

The reason why companies need sustainable custom cereal box packaging is that other plastic, aluminium, or glass materials accumulate in the environment and do not degrade for years. This caused a massive increase in solid waste in the environment. 

Sustainable packaging materials compost in the soil, but synthetic materials like plastic and glass remain unharmed in the soil and leach harmful chemicals like volatile organic compounds and other toxic fumes. 

Custom Cereal Boxes wholesale

Increase In GreenHouse Gases 

Custom cardboard boxes are made from eco-friendly material that easily composts in the soil and returns nutrients to the soil. But if you are still using plastic material or glass containers then you are allowing the air to get contaminated. 

The manufacturing of packaging from plastic or glass materials needs a high amount of energy. This energy is obtained from the burning of fossil fuels which are the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Decrease In the Quality Of Groundwater 

Custom cereal boxes wholesale made from paper-based materials have lower effects on the groundwater than other synthetic materials. For instance, plastic material when dumped into landfills, releases toxic chemicals and concentrated acids that leach into the groundwater. 

Groundwater may get contaminated with microplastic. When humans consume this water; potential carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, or heavy metals enter into the human body and cause serious health issues. 

Loss Of Natural Habitat 

Small cardboard boxes or large shipping cartons both are effective options when you are selling retail cereal products or delivering the bulk of cereal boxes. Using other materials like metals such as aluminium or man-made materials like glass and plastic causes the loss of natural habitat. 

These materials accumulate on the surface or under the soil and may contain bacteria, viruses, or other microbes that can damage the forests or decrease the green cover. Apart from this, the greenhouse gases released during the production of these boxes cause acidic rain which also destroys forests. 

Extinction Of Species 

It may appear a bit strange how custom cereal boxes can cause the extinction of species, but it is a fact that our adverse product packaging practices are leading to an increase in the extinction of many fauna and flora. 

This is because the energy-intensive processes used in the manufacturing of plastic, glass, or aluminium cause an increase in the temperature of the earth. Conversely, glaciers melt, and average sea temperature, and water level increase causing loss of the habitat for marine animals, and polar species. 

Best Solution For Cereal Packaging 

To avoid causing harm to the environment, the best materials for custom cereal box packaging are paper-based materials like kraft, cardstock, and corrugated. Undoubtedly, these packaging materials are not 100% safe for the environment but they are the best possible sustainable packaging strategies to reduce climate change. 

You can recycle and reuse them to further save the poor ecological conditions. Moreover, printing these boxes with minimum colours or with eco-friendly inks will help you get the most environmentally friendly packaging. 

Final Thought!

If you aim to protect the environment from your product packaging, use custom cereal boxes made from plant-based material. Those companies that use plastic and glass to pack cereals may fully protect their product, but they fail to protect the climate.

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