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Get our customised vape boxes to stand out from the crowd and elevate your items above the competition. We are living in an era of cutting-edge technology, incredible innovations, and digital competitiveness. Businesses compete for the top spot day and night. With so many techniques and inventions, no organisation can afford a less enthusiastic attitude. Every firm, large or small, aspires to be at the top of their industry. Packaging Desires understands your aims and makes them our own. We understand the needs of vape manufacturing enterprises, so we design standard vape boxes that satisfy our clients.

Packaging Desires offers personalised, well-prepared, and authentic boxes for fantastic products. Our company’s workforce is very cooperative and dependable, which allows clients to simply convey their demands and desires. You have a vast range of colour options, styles, materials, and add-ons to choose from. Make your custom vape box stand out from the crowd by utilising our services.

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    Custom Printed Vape Boxes Wholesale

    Our company’s mission is to provide the best customer service possible. We worked hard to accomplish this goal and launched Custom Vape Boxes. These boxes aren’t simply plain packing. This would meet all of your expectations for vape packaging. Furthermore, New Vape Boxes are designed in such a way that they would give the ultimate safety to the Vape with the plus point of elaborative appearance.

    Safety of Vape:

    PackagingDesires is a company that is true to its words. As previously said, the Vape is safe in this container, thus we have included such materials to help them stay in place. These materials come in a variety of forms and are created from natural substances.

    The cardboard material that we are providing is manufactured so that the wood fibres come together and form a sheet after going through a binding process. Later then this sheet that is also called a liner, is divided into two parts. Like, between these two divided parts, you keep the flutes. These are very thin flutes that are hard to see from the naked eye.

    We are mentioning this manufacturing process to get to know about it and feel satisfied that if you are selecting this material, then your choice is correct.

    If we talk about Kraft material, this has a second name that is environmental material. Furthermore, this material is readily biodegradable. Now, this is clear by its name that this material has no harm to nature. If we come to its quality, so that is also very good, the actual thickness of this material is like a paper. But you can increase it to some level according to the need of your vape products.

    The rigid material is rare, as this is a little heavy on the budget. But those customers who don’t want to compromise on the exceptional appearance of their boxes prefer this material. As this material quickly takes add-ons on it. Furthermore, this material would give absolute protection to the Vape.

    Impress The Customers with The Exceptional Add-ons Options:

    The installation of eye-catching add-ons is the finest way to capture clients’ attention. Furthermore, add-ons are complementing alternatives that give the plain boxes a more elaborate appearance and convert them into Cool Vaping Boxes. Furthermore, these add-ons include various coatings, colours, foiling, and the installation of windows. The nicest part is that we let our customers to choose their own add-ons for the boxes.

    Give the boxes a detailed appearance with the aid of Coatings:

    We are offering the option of coatings to change the dull and dim surface of the custom packaging boxes. As the material itself come with a soft and fuzzy appearance. We have introduced three types of coatings for our customers. These three coatings are matte, gloss, and UV spot. If customers ask to give a shiny look to the box, we suggest the gloss coating. The mask provides a shimmery finishing.

    Furthermore, we provide our customers with the matte coating if they request a smooth, finished appearance. Matte gives the face a non-shiny, smooth appearance. The UV spot is a combination of shiny and unpolished coating. This coating is not usable for the whole box. We offer it just for the specific areas of the box.

    Mesmerise The Customer by Using Colours:

    We all know that the colours have the power to change the point of view of the viewers. This is the most convincing feature of the Best Vape Boxes or vape cartridge packaging. We offer two different types of colours to our customers, and these are CMYK and PMS. Additionally, these two types of colours are very pigmented. The only difference between these colours is the number of shades.

    Like, the CMYK is with limited shades, while the PMS has a vast range of shades. If customers ask for affordable colours for the boxes, then we recommend the CMYK. Furthermore, if the customers ask for a wide range of shades to select as per their choice, we suggest the PMS.

    New Best Foiling Option to Make your Vape Boxes Eye-Catchy:

    The foiling addition would be clear with this example, like boxes of different brands on the display shelves. The one with the addition of the foiling would be the one that would instantly grab the customers’ attention. Therefore, we offer the foiling in our add-ons list. There are three different types of foiling that you can use for the boxes. These foiling are gold, silver, and rose gold. It’s all up to the customers which foiling they want to use for the boxes of Vape.

    Swift and Free Delivery of Vape Boxes:

    Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We work hard to satisfy them. For this purpose, we are offering the free and fleet delivery of these boxes. The reason plus point is that we are offering to our customers is the ease and the convenience of our customers.

    Types Of Printing & Material Which We Deal

    From eco-friendly paperboard to rich coatings and finishes, your product packaging will be strikingly alluring and appealing.

    UV and Spot UV


    Gold Foil Stamping


    Silver Foil Stamping


    Silver Foil Stock




    Printed Blind UV


    Cardboard Stock

    Our Simple And Smart Process


    Yes. Customers must share their artwork for their brand products or corporation. We will gladly assist you with your design.

    Without a doubt, you must enter the number, dimensions, and other criteria, and you will receive a free quote for your boxes right away.

    We provide free delivery services all over the United Kingdom. We delivered your order at your doorstep in given as we promised.

    We provide free samples with a minimum order of custom boxes. If you want generic samples, they will cost you . If the design is unique, we must construct each box from scratch. Each unique box will have a different setup fee. As a result, the sample charges for each design are distinct, which will cost you much higher.

    Yes! Our distribution network has expanded to include nations like the United States and Australia. As a result, we ship to other nations as well. Indeed, we receive orders from all around the world.

    No! We are concerned about our clients. As a result, there are no hidden fees for dies and plates, unlike other firms.

    We do, but it’s not much. Each order requires a minimum of 100 items. However, if you require any adjustments, notify us in advance.

    We are the ideal combination of professionalism and creative brains that can quickly raise your product packaging and give you the best packaging solutions. We constantly create high-quality custom boxes with worldwide standards of quality and aesthetic.