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In order to thicken or lengthen natural lashes, artificial eyelashes are placed. Lashes that are longer or thicker improve and beautify the appearance of the eyes. People, particularly women, want long, luscious lashes, but some are unlucky enough to lack them, so they opt for fake lashes. Those fake lashes, on the other hand, must be packaged in custom boxes because they are easily crumpled or damaged.

As a result, we create environmentally friendly packaging that not only protects delicate lashes but also enhances their appearance and makes them stand out. Our high-quality Custom Eyelash Boxes lend a touch of sophistication and appeal to this gorgeous beauty item. Contact us to order long-lasting and gorgeous eyelash boxes that are completely tailored to your specifications at a low cost.

Key Features

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    Eyelash Boxes & Packaging Wholesale UK

    Everyone is important, and every face is important. Because the beauty sector does not have a set standard, we provide our packaging for the beauty industry in various sizes and shapes. Our custom eyelash boxes packaging has assisted several firms in establishing themselves in the market by pleasing their customers with gorgeous packaging and the quality of their products.

    Because eyelashes are so sensitive, they must be protected with eyelash packaging. In this context, we have created innovative eyelash boxes packaging that will lure people passing by and compel them to purchase your eyelashes anytime they see them in the industry.

    The material we use to manufacture our custom eyelash packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, which helps you assure sustainability and gives you a more appealing brand to the great majority of consumers searching for eco-friendly packaging.

    With Great Content, You Can Win Over Your Customers

    You cannot attract your customer with simple and inexpensive materials. You must work hard and choose the best material for eyelash packaging wholesale. After all, we’re talking about consumer loyalty, which is readily challenged nowadays, especially with all of our rivals.

    But don’t be concerned about your custom eyelash packaging uk. Packaging Desires will provide you with everything in the most affordable bundles you’ve ever seen.

    Protective Coatings For Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

    You may have heard that coating is appropriate for packing since it protects the goods from external harm and adds beauty to the appearance. That is correct, and we will agree. 

    However, coating on custom eyelash packaging box uk says a lot. We are extremely capable of doing the operation; simply choose the coating type for your unique custom eyelash boxes, and let us know. We have the following varieties:

    • Matte
    • Gloss
    • Matte 

    This coating has an intricate appearance yet is gentle to the touch. It specializes in this. You can use this for your display box to give it a royal appearance.

    • Gloss

    Choose this coating if you want your cosmetic display box to glow with your brand in the market. It adds a layer to the box that reflects light and radiates energy.

    Wholesale Eyelash Packaging with High-Quality Printing

    It seeks to assess the product’s quality. We use premium quality dyes appropriate to the materials and additional inserts and printing techniques to make your boxes enticing. To better understand our clients’ needs, we provide example artworks of eyelash boxes packaging in the form of:

    • 2D Sample
    • 3D Sample

    Physical Sampling of Eyelash Boxes 

    We give a free mock-up of how the eyelash packaging boxes will appear once completed in their final form in a 2D and 3D sample. The client will get a short idea of how the completed eyelash packaging boxes will appear in a visual format.

    Why Should You Pick Us For wholesale eyelash packaging?

    Packaging Desires is mesmerised to manufacture exquisite eyelash boxes packaging to eliminate low-quality designs and lousy quality. To create fascinating custom lash boxes wholesale, we diligently accepted the policy. It is vital to maintain the product’s great look and show quality.

     We ensure that our workers handle all of your problems to understand our clients better. As a result, we recruit those dedicated to the industry and humanity during the procurement phase.

    We design empty eyelash boxes that increase the product’s attraction. One of the most important parts of marketing and sales is the appearance of cosmetic packaging.

    Eyelash Boxes with Personalised Printing and Design

    Your brand’s logo printed digitally can increase the value of your eyelashes. Important eyelash care recommendations enhance the beauty of the eyelash boxes. Elegant typefaces and captivating graphics encourage customers to purchase the goods.

    PackagingDesires can include your company logo and key information in fashionable fonts to increase the perceived value of your goods. To handle the order, we choose the appropriate material and ink for the chosen template.

    Our professionals may add high-quality lamination, UV coating, gold and silver foiling, and other options based on your specifications. The box looks wonderful with embossing. The quality of the window patch allows the buyer to inspect the eyelashes inside before purchasing.

    The Materials Used to Create Custom Eyelash Boxes

    The eyelash boxes may be constructed from a variety of materials. Following are the materials that PackagingDesires primarily employs:

    As previously indicated, each material offers a range of characteristics and thickness levels. It depends on what customers decide. The most often requested materials at PackagingDesires are cardboard and cardstock. They are simple to imprint on since they function as prevention as well as any printing or colour. We offer environmentally friendly packaging to help protect the environment.

    Eyelash Boxes in Custom Shapes and Sizes

    Custom eyelash boxes with all the needed dimensions are available from PackagingDesires. Buyers have a huge number of options. We created unique eyelash display cases in a variety of styles. Examples include:

    • Two-piece boxes
    • Sleeve boxes
    • Tuck end boxes
    • Straight truck end boxes


    Are personalised eyelash boxes exclusively used by companies?

    Custom eyelash boxes serve both people and companies. For all varieties of eyelash items, they offer a customised packaging option.

    Can I purchase personalised eyelash boxes in modest quantities?

    Custom eyelash boxes are available from several manufacturers at low minimum order quantities, making them affordable for small enterprises and freelance lash artists.

    How do I determine the ideal size for bulk eyelash boxes?

    Think about the variety and size of the lash styles you provide. To accommodate various lashes, it is a good idea to have a range of box sizes.

    How long does it typically take to process wholesale orders?

    Order processing times for wholesale eyelash packaging depend on the supplier and how difficult the customisation is. It is advised to find out about this beforehand.

    Can I ask for wholesale eyelash boxes made of environmentally friendly materials?

    Absolutely! Several wholesale suppliers provide environmentally friendly packaging choices, enabling you to match your packaging with ethical business practises.

    Can I look over the custom design before purchasing in bulk?

    Before producing the complete order, the majority of wholesale suppliers send digital proofs or samples for approval.


    Types Of Printing & Material Which We Deal

    From eco-friendly paperboard to rich coatings and finishes, your product packaging will be strikingly alluring and appealing.

    UV and Spot UV


    Gold Foil Stamping


    Silver Foil Stamping


    Silver Foil Stock




    Printed Blind UV


    Cardboard Stock

    Our Simple And Smart Process


    Yes. Customers must share their artwork for their brand products or corporation. We will gladly assist you with your design.

    Without a doubt, you must enter the number, dimensions, and other criteria, and you will receive a free quote for your boxes right away.

    We provide free delivery services all over the United Kingdom. We delivered your order at your doorstep in given as we promised.

    We provide free samples with a minimum order of custom boxes. If you want generic samples, they will cost you . If the design is unique, we must construct each box from scratch. Each unique box will have a different setup fee. As a result, the sample charges for each design are distinct, which will cost you much higher.

    Yes! Our distribution network has expanded to include nations like the United States and Australia. As a result, we ship to other nations as well. Indeed, we receive orders from all around the world.

    No! We are concerned about our clients. As a result, there are no hidden fees for dies and plates, unlike other firms.

    We do, but it’s not much. Each order requires a minimum of 100 items. However, if you require any adjustments, notify us in advance.

    We are the ideal combination of professionalism and creative brains that can quickly raise your product packaging and give you the best packaging solutions. We constantly create high-quality custom boxes with worldwide standards of quality and aesthetic.