Custom Pie Boxes

To preserve the taste and freshness of food, especially baked goods, good quality packaging is required. We at Packaging Desires provide quality services at your doorstep within a short turnaround time. We are experts in manufacturing Custom Pie Boxes with windows with all of your desired additional choices.

We offer several selections like lamination, foiling, or Spot UV coating for extra glow and many more. If you run a bakery or deal with the baking industry, then nothing can be better than having our custom-made pie packaging. We produce your own personalised mince pie boxes as per the marketing inclinations that are not just best to promote your brand but to preserve scrumptious pies as well.

If you require pie boxes for any kind of private celebration or large events like Halloween, Christmas, or any other big occasion, ask us to include graphics with party theme. Our extremely personalised boxes are ideal for any use.

Key Features

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    Increase the Value of  Custom Pie Boxes with Stunning Personalization

    Any box’s value can be increased by skillful use of decoration and elaboration. As a result, PackagingDesires provides excellent options for personalising your goods. We offer state-of-the-art printing and coating methods, making our  Custom Pie Boxes the best on the market. It will help you outsell the competition and increase your profits. We think that food-related clothing will always be popular. Therefore, we strive to offer services that are based on tried and true procedures. As a result, you’ll be able to draw in more people and sell more of your wares.

    We have both a matte and a glossy coating option available to you. Each category is useful in different contexts. You can hide any imperfections in the light thanks to the glossy finish. The gloss has the added benefit of capturing the box’s shimmering, glossy tones. Many business owners also find that the glossy finish they get gives their products an extra boost of appeal. The matte layer, however, will not reflect any light or otherwise reveal itself. It won’t lose its sheen and dullness. Even in low light, the matte finish on pie boxes with window will still make for a pleasant visual experience.

    Packaging for Bakery Goods: Services That Last

    PackagingDesires offers the widest variety of 9x9x4 bread box designs and sizes. Use these pie boxes for all of your pie’s packaging requirements. We hope that by working together we can increase the value of your company and thus the success of your audit. We also create the packaging art and designs that we print. to delight your customers with a fresh selection of custom pie packaging boxes.

    There is a small decorative window cut into the top of the boxes so customers can glance inside without worrying about the food sweating. On top of that, PackagingDesires can design and print catchy slogans, well-wishes, and glittering phrases on the boxes to motivate and delight your clientele.

    The Capability to Print and Personalize

    You may get custom printed pie boxes in whatever format you need. All of the boxes you order from PackagingDesires will be printed to perfection. Get the custom pie packaging box printing done with the help of our packaging experts.

    Almost anything might be put on the containers to pique people’s interest. And have them asking for more of your freshly baked goods. Customers today are increasingly interested in environmentally friendly packaging options. The product that has the most eye-catching packaging is the one that sells the most of them.

    Therefore, we may also provide a pie box with a tiny window so you can peek inside. And have a close look at the warm bread. We can print your company’s name and logo on a bread box using the same corporate motif and slick typefaces that we use in the storefront display window.

    Pie Boxes Wholesale with Prominent Branding and Excellent Packaging:

    We are confident that the quality of your printed materials will exceed your expectations. We’re the ones who can ensure that your food product catalog looks its best in the marketplace. To preserve product recognition and customer loyalty, our company’s staff may offer you invaluable services. If you want a perfect fit for your product, they can use printing technologies and cutting-edge production techniques to make it so. We give our full attention to promoting our brand at all times. You can get the right brand compatibility with the help of our tried and true methods and resources. Perfect product information, brand logos, common font styles, warnings, and more are always included to maximize brand recognition. They will never be able to take their gaze off of our carefully curated selection.

    The Importance of Attractive Product Packaging

    Food products can be kept fresh for longer and retain more of their original flavor when packaged in these specially designed boxes. If you want to properly store these foods, these cartons are your best bet. The packing of food items is crucial because of their perishability. The failure to properly package food items can reduce a company’s sales and damage its reputation in the marketplace. As a result, you can stop worrying about how to pack food forever because you have these mince pie boxes with window.

    Any packaging’s principal function is to safeguard the item within from damage. The second objective is to preserve its structural integrity throughout transport to its final location. Last but not least, effective product packaging acts as a bridge of communication between a brand and its target audience. A custom pie box is a great way to visually communicate with customers and ensure that their needs are met when you can’t interact with them directly. And on top of all that, better packaging improves the public’s perception of a product. In addition to all these advantages, using these custom bakery boxes is a breeze because they are cheap, long-lasting, and dependable.

    Material for Pie Packaging Boxes that are Easy on the Environment:

    Our final product will be high quality and environmentally friendly, and we can supply you with it. You could assume that paying for a higher-end service will be out of your price range. So, we aim to provide you with services that are compatible with all of your features without breaking the bank. We make every effort to source ingredients that won’t shorten the lifespan of your perishable goods. By using the packaging options provided by our services, you can ensure that your product retains its original appearance. As a result, maintaining the highest standards of packaging for your products won’t cost you too much. It is our policy to always wear safety gear. Your product’s durability will be increased in extreme conditions and against damage. Growth and development in the food business are proceeding at a dizzying pace. Whole food retail is rapidly welcoming new companies with novel recipes and cuisines.

    Because of this, the pie Boxes of bakery items like pastries, pies and donuts are extremely significant, as are the foods themselves. Even cardboard offers a wide range of possibilities for personalization. These are the most effective means of boosting a business profile, as they improve donut box packaging and increase sales volume at retail outlets. This material is convenient for shops because it can be easily handled and used to display a wide variety of products. These come in a variety of sizes and forms to accommodate a wide variety of products. No matter the size or shape, cardboard packaging is the best option. As a result, specialised mince pie Boxes are employed for packaging. In most situations like these, the entity or brand involved receives the following advantages:

    Biodegradable, Compostable, and Low in Environmental Impact:

    Custom Pie boxes wholesale are environmentally beneficial due to the materials used. These bespoke boxes are often made from cardboard. Along with their many benefits, these boxes are also reusable and recyclable. Custom food packaging that offers after-sale benefits and adheres to the R3 guideline makes it simple for consumers and businesses to monitor their environmental impact and reduce waste. These are completely harmless, and they don’t add to pollution in any manner. It’s good for business and Mother Nature if we can all sleep soundly at night knowing that our surroundings are safe. Thanks to their clever packaging, more people will notice their goods.

    Effectively Bolster the Public’s Perception of a Company’s Brand:

    Brand recognition and product interest can both be increased with the help of custom packaging. If you are a potential brand that wants to maintain a significant market presence, custom cardboard packing boxes are your best ally in product packaging. As the level of competition rises, it will be crucial to adapt and refresh one’s packaging methods. As a result, these pie Boxes UK are an excellent method of efficiently packaging things and integrating positive feedback with them at the same time.

    Improve the Quality of Service Provided to Your Clients

    Improving the look and feel of a product’s display can boost both its appeal and the manufacturer’s standing. Packaging cases like this are therefore an important element of the market and can improve the shopping experience for consumers. Customers tend to favour retailers who put a little additional effort into their products and display some originality. Therefore, Bakery Boxes are multifunctional and have a significant impact on the public perception of food brands.

    Even though we offer you excellent service at a reasonable price, we stand behind the perfection of our methods. Compared to the industry norm, our procedures are neither false nor subpar. We don’t want our boxes to end up in the recycling bin for whatever reason, as this sends the wrong message to our customers. And that’s not all: we’ll also send you boxes of our Bakery goods, as well as Tea, Snack, Pizza, Popcorn, Wine, Noodles, and more. Our ability to supply you with a wide range of box sizes and shapes means that we are not constrained to a specific product line.

    PackagingDesires: Why Pick Us?

    We are confident that after you have used our services for Pie Box Packaging in UK, you will never want to go with anyone else. Our business is not based on providing bogus services for financial gain. Instead, we’re committed to offering you superior service. Still curious about what we can do for you? We offer a combination of style sense and knowledge, which we see as crucial for successful product packaging. With them and our services, you may reimagine the value of what’s inside the box. We are pleased to assist any size business, no matter how big or little. Any size of business can take advantage of our services.

    To that end, we welcome any customers with any expectations. For this reason, we never allow any of the money you spend on our services to be wasted. If you continue to experience unsatisfactory outcomes, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. All that’s needed is a compelling argument for why things should be different next time. Finally, PackagingDesires offers budget-friendly plans and round-the-clock service. A price estimate is available at no cost right now.

    Types Of Printing & Material Which We Deal

    From eco-friendly paperboard to rich coatings and finishes, your product packaging will be strikingly alluring and appealing.

    UV and Spot UV


    Gold Foil Stamping


    Silver Foil Stamping


    Silver Foil Stock




    Printed Blind UV


    Cardboard Stock

    Our Simple And Smart Process


    Yes. Customers must share their artwork for their brand products or corporation. We will gladly assist you with your design.

    Without a doubt, you must enter the number, dimensions, and other criteria, and you will receive a free quote for your boxes right away.

    We provide free delivery services all over the United Kingdom. We delivered your order at your doorstep in given as we promised.

    We provide free samples with a minimum order of custom boxes. If you want generic samples, they will cost you . If the design is unique, we must construct each box from scratch. Each unique box will have a different setup fee. As a result, the sample charges for each design are distinct, which will cost you much higher.

    Yes! Our distribution network has expanded to include nations like the United States and Australia. As a result, we ship to other nations as well. Indeed, we receive orders from all around the world.

    No! We are concerned about our clients. As a result, there are no hidden fees for dies and plates, unlike other firms.

    We do, but it’s not much. Each order requires a minimum of 100 items. However, if you require any adjustments, notify us in advance.

    We are the ideal combination of professionalism and creative brains that can quickly raise your product packaging and give you the best packaging solutions. We constantly create high-quality custom boxes with worldwide standards of quality and aesthetic.